The Wilton Wine Club is a great new way to enjoy our latest, favorite finds, as well as new varietals and up and coming wine regions, at discounted prices of 40-60% off retail!

Members have the option of 3 reds or 3 mixed package, and each bottle comes with tasting notes as well as recommended cuisine to prepare from our Executive Chef Tom French! 

  • Wilton Wine Club membership costs $40 per month for 3 bottles.

  • Wines will be available to pick up on the first Friday of each month and members may skip a month at any time.

Additional Perks for being a member:

  • At 6 months membership, guests will receive a Wilton Wine Club exclusive wine key.

  • Holiday specific wines will be available as add-ons throughout the holiday seasons.

Also, if you taste a wine that you really love, you may order additional bottles at our discounted price, with even greater savings available when ordering by the case.

Join the Wilton Wine Club and try new and exciting wines from across the world, hand selected by our trained sommeliers, at exclusive member prices, with recommended cuisines, and allow us the opportunity to share our passion of wine with you! 


Bill Daulton                                                                                            General Manager    Wine Director/Sommelier

Give the Gift of Great Wine

Treat someone you love to the gift of fantastic wine!

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Your Phone Number
please provide the name, phone number, and email address of the gift recipient. This will allow us to contact them the first friday that their wine is due for pick up. Guests will not be contacted until first pick up to avoid the spoiling of any surprise.
Each gifted membership will come with a gift certificate recognizing our newest member. The card will also have information regarding membership and pick up dates.
please select either "3 red" or "3 mixed" packages. Generally, our mixed packages are two reds and a white. This is subject to change.
Select whether you would like to purchase 3 or six months worth of wine as a gift 3 bottles, 3 months = $120 3 bottles, 6 months - $240 *prices are before tax*

Become a Member Yourself!

fill out this form to join the Wilton Wine Club for yourself!

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Please choose if you would like 3 red or 3 mixed wines each month. Mixed packages generally consist of two red and a white or blend. This is subject to change.
We accept payments in 3-month increments. Please select if you would like to start with 3 months or 6 months. After that, continued membership is discussed

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