Bill Daulton

General Manager & Wine Director

Beginning his career with the Joshua Wilton House in 2007, Bill Daulton has served the Harrisonburg community by working his way up from a server, to bar manager, restaurant manager, and currently serves as the General Manager since December 2017. His passions include: researching the latest ingredients and cooking techniques that chefs are utilizing, procuring the highest acclaimed wines that sommeliers are excited about, and implementing new ideas and processes to elevate the current hospitality standards. He is an avid cook at home and has studied to become a certified sommelier through the Master Court of Sommeliers, helping him to provide the best possible wine options for guests to enjoy. As Wine Director, Bill has been instrumental in our receiving of the Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence in 2018. His dedication to hospitality is focused on taking care of people and helping them to enjoy some of the best things in life: delicious food & exceptional wine!



Tom French

Executive Chef

Born and raised in England, Tom French was introduced to the intricacies of cooking at the age of 16 when he began attending culinary school. During his education, Tom was awarded an internship at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle where he cooked for the Queen of England and her guests. With his mounting experience, Tom traveled state-side after graduation and received an internship at Keswick Hall in his first years in the U.S., and began working at the Joshua Wilton House in 2009. He has always been a driven chef, focused on incorporating French culinary techniques into his dishes and building working relationships with local farmers. Tom became the Executive Chef of the Joshua Wilton House in 2017 and recently was awarded the Best Chef in the Valley for Harrisonburg in 2018. He has a rare talent for enhancing any ingredient that he works with and is committed to providing for Harrisonburg an unrivaled culinary experience.


Nick Boucher

Kitchen Manager & Sous Chef

Nick Boucher is a local gentleman with a long working history at the Joshua Wilton House. Beginning in 2012 as a dishwasher, Nick saw it as a “foot in the door” for the culinary field. Steadily, Nick has trained with fantastic chefs and found his own voice & style in the kitchen. From intimate gatherings, to large weddings, Nick has maintained a steady hand and a good laugh through it all. In the Fall of 2018, Nick was promoted to Kitchen Manager, and works alongside our Executive Chef to train staff, create fantastic dishes, and experiment with new techniques and products. With a passion for not only food, but the Wilton House itself, Nick has been an encouraging force as we continue to adapt and push ourselves further. We’re happy he has continued his growth with us.


Jacob Dinges

Executive Pastry Chef

A local of the Valley, Jacob Dinges had humble beginnings with a degree in Culinary Arts from a local vocational school, Tripplet Tech. Shortly after graduating, Jacoby attended the Culinary Institute of America to hone his skills in pastry baking and service management. Shortly thereafter, Jacoby took his talent abroad to Saarbrucken, Germany where he worked constructing intricate dishes for a three Michelin star restaurant, Gästehaus Klaus Erfort. After enjoying his time abroad, Jacoby returned to the Valley and worked as the lead Pastry Chef for Bella Gelato, before coming to the Joshua Wilton House in October of 2018. We are happy to have Jacoby join our team; his desserts express an elegance and refinement worthy of such a historic and influential home.


Jake Woetzel

Assistant Manager, Media Manager, & Lead Server

Raised in the Shenandoah Valley, Jake has developed a passion for studying it's rich history, agro-tourism trends, and the ever-changing hospitality industry. Jake joined the Joshua Wilton House team in August of 2015 as a server and has strived to provide a comfortable atmosphere for his guests, while encouraging a dialogue about local farms and the history of Joshua Wilton himself. Currently, Jake operates as the lead server and assistant manager. Encouraging staff to enjoy the breadth of knowledge available within our valley, Jake has implemented monthly staff trips to distilleries, breweries, vineyards, and local farms. By providing education experiences for the staff members to learn the product from start to finish, Jake hopes to instill a sense of pride in our product that is effortlessly conveyed to guests for many years to come.

"I find that a meal tastes better, wine tastes richer, and the ambiance is more influential when someone knows the history behind how their evening came to be. Nowadays, it is all too easy to forget where the food on our plate comes from, and therefore the generations of hard working farmers who fed our community as it has grown. Food is powerful, and a great meal is hard to forget. To me that seems like the best time to indulge the mind as well as the senses."


Katherine Martin

Innkeeper & Manager

After being raised in Northern Virginia, Katherine Martin moved to Harrisonburg in the fall of 2012 where she swiftly fell in love with the town and all it has to offer. Upon her arrival, she began her journey towards a degree in Hospitality Management at James Madison University. Over the course of those years, Katherine gained experience in the hospitality field by working for numerous bakeries and restaurants, including both the Joshua Wilton House and its sister restaurant the Local Chop and Grill House. She is a firm believer that delectable food and genuine conversation can create a community amongst strangers. With a keen eye for detail and a warm heart, Katherine strives to make the Joshua Wilton House be not only a place where guests feel welcomed with open arms, but also an intimate space to make oneself feel at home.